PAR — Driving student success via analytics, interventions, measurement, and benchmarks


download .pdf iconPAR Student Success Matrix. Karen Swan, Peter Shea, Mindy Sloan and Sandy Daston (WCET Data Summit, June 2013).

download .pdf iconPredictive Analytics Reporting (PAR) Framework: Academic Risk Identification. Beth Davis (WCET Data Summit, June 2013).

download .pdf iconThe SUM > WHOLE: Cross-Institutional Collaboration and the PAR Framework. Rebecca Barber, Pearl Iboshi, Janet Dillon and Denise Nadasen (AIR Forum, May 2013).

download .pdf iconMaking Data Matter - Ellen Wagner (NMC New Horizons, January 2013). Watch the Ideas that Matter Presentation.

download .pdf iconWhen Learning Analytics Meet Big Data: The PAR Framework - Ellen Wagner, Pearl Iboshi, Mike Sharkey, and Jonathan Sherrill (EDUCAUSE, November 2012). View the video archive of the session.

downloadable .pdf iconSummary of PAR Proof of Concept Findings - Rebecca Barber, PhD. (August 2012).

downloadable .pdf iconPredictive Analytics Reporting (PAR) Framework Summary to Date - Direction for the Future (August 2012).

downloadable .pdf iconPredicting Student Retention & Success in Online Programs - William Bloemer and Karen Swan (Distance Teaching & Learning Conference, August 2012).

downloadable .pdf iconBig Data Meets Learning Analytics - Ellen Wagner (EDUCAUSE Sprint, July 2012).

downloadable .pdf iconBig Data & the Predictive Analytics Reporting (PAR) Project - Karen Swan, Phil Ice, Rob Mitchell, Ben Arbaugh, and Peter Shea (AERA, April 2012).

downloadable .pdf icon22 Variables that Don't Affect Retention of Online or Dev Ed Courses Anywhere (And a few that do) - Jonathan Sherrill (April 2012).

downloadable .pdf iconBreaking New Ground: Introducing PAR - Phil Ice, Sebastian Diaz, and Karen Swan (WCET, October 2011).

downloadable .pdf icon3 Million Course Records Walk Into An IRB Meeting: PAR - How We Did It - Beth Davis, Sandy Daston, Dave Becher, and Jonathan Sherrill (WCET, October 2011).

downloadable .pdf iconData Change Everything - Ellen Wagner (Sloan C, July 2011).