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Retaining Women in Online Programs

September 12th, 2019
Resources: - Webcast Slides.

Workforce Partnerships that Work: Creating Public-Private Partnerships that Serve Students, Institutions, Employers, and Communities

June 4th, 2019 - June 5th, 2019
Newport Beach, CA More than ever, students seek to invest in programs that prepare them to obtain employment in their field of study upon graduation. Meanwhile, government and corporate leaders also increase the pressure on institutions to address workforce needs.

Student Ready: Increasing Retention for Universities and Career Outcomes for Students

May 16th, 2019
Resources: - Webcast Slides. - White paper.

The Mechanics of Competency-Based Education, Part 2

March 14th, 2019
Resources: - Webcast slides. - YouTube recording of this webcast.

A Student Response to Analytics, Privacy, and Security

February 21st, 2019
Resources: - Webcast Slides.

Flipped Webcast Conversation with Chris Gilliard About Digital Redlining

January 25th, 2019
Resources: - Webcast Slides. - YouTube Recording of Webcast.

The Mechanics of Competency-Based Education, Part 1

January 24th, 2019
Resources: - Webcast slides. - YouTube recording of webcast.

Web Accessibility: Trick or Treat?

October 31st, 2018
As a part of “The Year of Accessibility”, the Online Learning Consortium and WCET continue to collaborate to bring our communities resources on the topic of accessibility. Join us on Halloween for this upcoming webinar!

WCET 30th Annual Meeting

October 23rd, 2018 - October 25th, 2018
View the 2018 Annual Meeting site. Future WCET Annual Meeting Dates: - 2019: Denver, November 5-7 - 2020: Indianapolis, October 13-15 - 2021: Denver, November 2-4