Summit Attendee FAQs

When will I receive my virtual login information?

  • Registered attendees were sent an email with login credentials for the virtual meeting platform on Tuesday, March 30, 2021.
  • If you register after March 30, we will send your welcome email as soon as possible.

Where do I log in?

Which browser do you recommend?

  • For the optimal virtual event experience, we recommend attending via your computer web browser using Chrome or Firefox, be sure they are updated to the most current version.
  • For a smoother experience within the platform, we suggest you enable pop-ups on your browser.

Are captions available?

  • We will be using Zoom transcription to caption sessions.

Who do I contact for assistance?

What is the social media hashtag?

  • #WCETSummit

Do attendees need to be on video?

  • Attendees can join via video during roundtable discussions and networking, and we hope that you do, but video is not required.

How do I see who else is registered?

  • Registrants will receive an attendee list which excludes those that opted out of the directory.
  • You can also see attendees via the Networking tab of the platform (unless they have opted out).

How do I connect with other attendees?

  • In the Networking tab of the platform, click on a name and then “Start Chat.” Once your chat is accepted, you will also see an option to join a video call.

How do I opt in/out of Networking within the platform?

  • In the left hand menu of the platform, select Account. You can update your preferences within the Account settings.

Where do I access recorded sessions and slides?

  • In the session tab, find the session using the search or filter feature. Video recordings will be viewable when you click into the session. Any slides or speaker resources will be added to the session under Files.

Where do I see the list of speakers?

  • In the tabs on the left menu of the platform, click either Sessions or Networking and filter by Speakers. You can also see a list of speakers on the event website.