Federal EdTech Legislation and Regulations that You Need to Follow

WCET and Blackboard have partnered on a series of webcasts in 2016. This will be the first of the four part series covering topics such as IoT and the impact of the 2016 election on higher education. Stay tuned for more information.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act of 1965 will NOT happen this year. Meanwhile, there are still many issues that need resolution. In both legislation and regulations, there are several actions that will happen in the Washington Beltway that will have a major impact on those of us in the educational technology and distance education communities.

This webcast packs more brief updates, comments, and reactions into the time allotted than any group of sane people would allow. Our goal is to inform you about some of the key issues in play and to give you a few resources for following up on what is currently being proposed. We will also leave some time for your questions to which we will give our best guesses since it is often hard to predict the future in these uncertain times.

WCET and Blackboard webcast logos.We will cover several (but not all) of the most pressing topics. Beyond the lack of forward motion on the Higher Education Reauthorization, we are likely to cover accessibility, "regular and substantive interaction," teacher Prep regulations for distance education, and the hubbub around rethinking accreditation...and more.

The webcast is provided free and open to all. Thank you to Blackboard for providing the platform. Follow the Twitter feed at #WCETwebcast. Register today for the webcast on May 4 at Noon MDT. The free webcast will run for 60 minutes. You will receive the access link the day before the live webcast. An archive of this webcast will be available on this webpage by May 11.





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