Out with Old Edtech and in with the New

Learning Relationship Management (LRM) Platforms

The old educational technology categories of LMS, SIS, and portal are being challenged on multiple fronts. One of the most interesting challengers is the category of Learning Relationship Management platforms. As retention and completion are superseding access as priorities in U.S. higher education, these products may be well-positioned to help institutions take a leap forward in reaching those goals in the same way that customer relationship management tools have transformed the business world. As with any new category the definitions are fuzzy but common elements are competency-based learning delivery, analytics-driven dashboards for advisors and faculty, and community features to enable mentorship and networking.  How do we think about this new category? What research drives the strategies and features? What can we learn from institutions that are already using these tools? Come to learn more from the representatives of two LRM providers and two pioneering institutions.


Gunnar CouncelmanGunnar Counselman
Founder and CEO,
Fidelis Inc.




Emily DustinEmily Dustin
Educational Strategist,
Motivis Learning




Brian PeddleBrian Peddle
Founder and CEO,
Motivis Learning




Audrey RogersAudrey Rogers
Assistant Professor,
School of Education,
Southern New Hampshire University



Caroline SimpsonCaroline Simpson
Assistant Provost,
Student Services,
American Public University System




Nick WhiteNick White
Competency-based Learning Solutions,
Capella University




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