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WCET's webcasts bring together experts on e-learning issues and topics to help you and your institution anticipate and address current and future challenges.

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2019 Archived WCET Webcasts - 2019 Phil Hill, Whitney Kilgore, Linda Baer, Chris Gilliard, and others.
2018 Archived WCET Webcasts - 2018 Ryan Faulkner, Aubra Gantt, Sasha Thackaberry, Peter Smith, and others.
2017 Archived WCET Webcasts - 2017 Kevin Corcoran, Laura Pedrick, Phil Hill, Luke Dowden, and others.
2016 Archived WCET Webcasts - 2016 Leah Matthews, Van Davis, Tanya Spilovoy, Jarret Cummings, and others.
2015 Archived WCET Webcasts - 2015 Anya Kamenetz, Paul Stacey, Robbie Melton Jaime Casap, and others.
2014 Archived WCET Webcasts - 2014 Ellen Wagner, William Preston Davis, Marshall Hill, Deb Gearhart, and others.
2013 Archived WCET Webcasts - 2013 Vernon Smith, Robbie Melton, Cable Green, Jim Fong, and others.


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