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Webcasts from 2017

Date Title Presenters
November 16, 2017 Regular and Substantive Interaction: Context, Future, and Advice Van Davis, Melissa Haberman, Laura Pedrick, Amanda Sharp
October 19, 2017 Learn About Being Digitally Inclusive Nader Vadiee
August 17, 2017 eLearning Consortia: Stories from the Past Looking to the Future Kevin Corcoran, Carol Gould, Pat James, Russ Poulin
June 22, 2017 Combating Financial Aid Fraud Kishia Brock, Chris Bustamante, Tyson Heath, Russ Poulin, Beverly Wade
May 18, 2017 Acknowledging Knowledge Outside of the Classroom: A Look at Two Approaches Bob Askins, Pam Bowers, Kim Elias
April 20, 2017 Strategic Portfolio Development: Maximizing Course Offerings While Lowering Costs David Capranos, Jourdan Hathaway, Steven J. Szydlowski
April 19, 2017 Distance Ed Enrollment Trends: New Data, New Trends, New Partnership Phil Hill, Jeff Seaman, Terri Straut
March 29, 2017 NC-SARA Enrollment Data Collection and Reporting Marshall Hill, Russ Poulin, Jennifer Shanika
March 21, 2017 Price Versus Cost Debate Sally Johnstone, Terri Taylor Straut, W. Reed Scull
March 16, 2017 Enabling Accessibility in Learning Technology Markus Gylling, Jane Berliss-Vincent, Brian Richwine, Philip Voorhees
February 16, 2017 Understanding & Implementing an Education Content Strategy David Shulman, Kerry Pigman, Andrea Dunn, Jeff Gallant
January 19, 2017 Issues and Trends in Edtech 2017 Amy Collier, Luke Dowden, Phil Hill, Manoj Kulkarni
January 17, 2017 The Future of Internet of Things is at Our Doorstep Mike Abbiatti, Mark Johnson, Van Davis


Webcasts from Previous Years

Date Title Presenters
2016 Archived Webcasts 2016 Jarret Cummings, Van Davis, Tanya Joosten, Leah Matthews, and others.
2015 Archived Webcasts 2015 Robbie Melton, Thomas Cavanagh, Karen Solomon, Jeff Borden, and others.
2014 Archived Webcasts 2014 Ellen Wagner, William Preston Davis, Marshall Hill, Deb Gearhart, and others.
2013 Archived Webcasts 2013 Vernon Smith, Robbie Melton, Cable Green, Jim Fong, and others.


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