Using Technology to Foster Collaboration in Education

How New Thinking is Shaping How we Teach the Next Generation of Learners

How we think about the value of collaborative skills has undergone dramatic change, as both technology and the workplace (and workplace expectations) have evolved. Educators, parents, and learners say that collaborative skills are important, even as employers are asking for graduates who are effective collaborators in the workplace. But how well are we doing as a community in promoting it -- whether via social interactions or use of technologies?

Join Alan D. Greenberg, senior analyst and partner with Wainhouse Research, who will describe how the evolution of collaborative technologies is affecting the entire value chain of learner / educator / employer. He will speak to recent research on attitudes towards collaboration and other “soft skills”, while also providing his view of what it will take to improve the use of collaborative tools to promote collaboration itself in education.

Jennie M. Carr, assistant professor of Elementary Education in the Teacher Education Program at Bridgewater College will discuss how her institution is adapting to the evolving expectations of students, teachers, and the workforce. She will speak to the practices many higher education instructors are using to encourage teacher candidates to understand and develop the powerful skill of collaboration and co-teaching. In addition, Jennie will discuss how teacher candidates at Bridgewater College are using technology during coursework to practice collaboration in preparation for the workplace.

Using Technology to Foster Collaboration in Education" will run for 60 minutes.




Jennie CarrJennie M. Carr
Assistant Professor of Elementary Education,
Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, Virginia



Alan GreenbergAlan Greenberg
Senior Analyst and Partner, Wainhouse Research




Anne DerryberryAnne Derryberry
Sage Road Solutions



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