Video Captioning

Features, Costs, Good Practices, and How Captioning Benefits All Students

In February 2015, the National Association for the Deaf (NAD) filed suit against Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology for alleged violations of the ADA and Section 504 by failing to provide adequate closed captioning for online video resources. The U.S. Department of Justice is handling the case. Higher education institutions must be in compliance with federal accessibility laws but their ability to do so is challenged by a number of factors, including leadership, staff resources, cost, decentralized video production activities by individual faculty and departments, copyright, and more. The expert presenters in this program will cover a wealth of valuable information to help colleges and universities conduct an internal assessment of who is in charge, how to develop a remediation plan, what captioning features are needed (e.g. closed captioning, real-time, transcripting), and what can be learned from Kent State’s and Texas Tech’s work for providing captioning services to students, faculty, and staff.

This is the first of WCET’s three-part webcast series on educational technologies. In October, the series will cover identity authentication/secure proctoring and learning relationship management technologies. The webcast is also part of WCET's September Accessibility Month where webcasts, blogs, and discussions will focus on this important topic.


Kathy FurlanKathy Furlan
Educational Representative,
Teleperformance RapidText



Christopher KevenyChristopher Keveny
Manager, Media Services and Real-time Captioning,
Teleperformance RapidText



Tole KhesinTole Khesin
VP of Marketing,
3Play Media



Amy QuillinAmy Quillin
Director, Student Accessibility Services,
Kent State University




Justin LouderJustin Louder
Assistant Vice Provost
Texas Tech University



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