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Previous Webcasts

Strategic Portfolio Development: Maximizing Course Offerings While Lowering Costs

April 20th, 2017
Strategic Portfolio DevelopmentTM (SPD) is a forward-thinking program planning approach that helps institutions position themselves to more efficiently operate in today’s market while preparing for tomorrow’s.

Distance Ed Enrollment Trends: New Data, New Trends, New Partnership

April 19th, 2017
The U.S. Department of Education recently released its distance education enrollment numbers as captured for the fall 2015 term.

NC-SARA Enrollment Data Collection and Reporting

March 29th, 2017
Hear information on such topics as the submission timing of future surveys; cell size limitations; experiential learning placements, potential consequences of poor institutional reporting plus more.

Price Versus Cost Debate

March 21st, 2017
The webcast is a facilitated conversation between experts on the price and cost of distance education who hold competing perspectives and participating WCET members.

Enabling Accessibility in Learning Technology

March 16th, 2017
Understanding how open standards for learning technology can be used to help institutions meet accessibility requirements has not been a widely-discussed topic.

Understanding & Implementing an Education Content Strategy

February 16th, 2017
Schools are exploring Open Educational Resources (OER), digital or “all-in” models and do not have a comprehensive strategy or a unified approach to implementing affordable digital solutions at scale.

Researching and Coordinating Professional Licensure Board Information

February 14th, 2017
Learn best practices and research tips to manage the coordination of contacts and requirements for state professional licensure boards.

Issues and Trends in Edtech in 2017

January 19th, 2017
What edtech trends and issues will impact WCET members in 2017?

The Future of Internet of Things is at Our Doorstep

January 17th, 2017
The Internet of Things has moved from a concept on the edges of our minds and at the gateway to our institutions to the coffee pots in our homes and the devices in our residence halls.

SAN EXCLUSIVE: 2016 SANsational Award Winners Present

December 13th, 2016
Hear the SANsational award winners share their state authorization award winning processes.