WCET Member-Only List Guidelines for Corporate Members

Corporate members are encouraged to participate in WCET member-only list discussions including WCETDiscuss and the job postings. Member benefits, including access to the email lists, extend to everyone within the member organization. Encourage your personnel to sign up for WCETDiscuss and/or WCETNews.

WCET members are sensitive to receiving unsolicited corporate solicitations through our lists. We ask that you keep in mind how your message will be received. The WCETdiscuss list is moderated and if the posting is questionable, WCET staff will work with you to modify your post prior to releasing to the list.


  • Lists may not be used for the solicitation, promotion, or sales of commercial products or services.
  • You may encourage institutional partners that are current WCET Members to respond to posts that are relevant to your company‚Äôs products or services.
  • Corporate members may respond to queries made by list subscribers about specific products, as long as their response provides data or insight about the question and does not contain solicitation or promotional material.
  • Job posts must be for positions at member organizations. View information about job postings.