Digital Learning Solution Network

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WCET is pleased to be the Backbone Organization supporting the Digital Learning Solution Network.
The DLSN was created to design a network-centric approach to strengthen digital learning in postsecondary institutions with a particular focus on improved outcomes for vulnerable populations.

Digital Learning is any practice that uses digital technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Generative Social Impact Network Principles

The literature reveals a variety of names to describe networks that bring together loosely connected partners to accelerate change, such as a network of networks, aligned action networks, collective impact networks, generative social impact networks, and social impact networks. Regardless of the label, these networks share some essential characteristics:  

  • Network members have a shared purpose.
  • The network is member-driven.
  • The network’s structure is flexible and adapts as needed.
  • Member activity within the network is voluntary.
  • The network is decentralized but is woven together through shared purpose and excellent communications.

Backbone Responsibilities

The Backbone has the following key responsibilities:

  • Support development of a healthy solution Network
  • Support ongoing Network activity
  • Support key grantee collaborations
  • Leadership and fiduciary management of the Network

Network Members

The network is currently comprised of 13 partners that are actively engaged in the development of a number of products and services in the digital learning space.

  1. Achieving the Dream
  2. Association of Chief Academic Officers
  3. Association of Public & Land-grant Universities
  4. Dlrn @ University of Texas Arlington
  5. Digital Promise
  6. EdSurge
  8. Intentional Futures
  9. MindWires
  10. Online Learning Consortium
  11. SxSW
  12. Tyton Partners
  13. WCET




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