Senior Information Technologist (Learning Management System)

University of Rhode Island
Job Description

Responsible for support of online learning technologies including, but not limited to: assisting faculty with implementation of online learning technology inface-to-face and online classes, providing in person and online technical support, documentation and training. Work with faculty on all campuses to develop and enhance high quality online educational opportunities.

Minimum Qualifications
  1. Bachelor's degree.
  2. Either two years' experience in an information technology position or four years' experience in a position that included a substantial amount (at least 50%) of information technology work.
  3. Demonstrated experience in designing and/or administering college-level course management software.
  4. Demonstrated experience in web page design and maintenance.
  5. Demonstrated experience in databases, forms and reports.
  6. Demonstrated familiarity with leading-edge software and technology for teaching and learning.

Additional qualifications can be found in job description

Application Deadline
until filled
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