Education Resource Specialist

The Ohio State University
Job Description

We have three Education Resource Specialist positions in the College of Medicine and they share responsibility for program evaluation and medical education research for undergraduate medical education (UGME) and graduate medical education (GME). These folks work with the faculty (deans and program directors) to evaluate data from the curriculum (course surveys, student outcomes, etc.) in an effort to improve the programs and to publish our outcomes.

There is some mentoring of faculty in the research process – anything from helping them with a research topic, to study and / or instrument design, to data collection and analysis, to publication / presentation. Many of these are service based projects where the faculty member is the PI and we are helping them with an aspect of it. Other projects are more collaborative and we are involved from the beginning. These projects often lead to publications and we are included as authors / contributors as appropriate.

Minimum Qualifications

Master’s Degree in social science field, experience quantitative and qualitative research methods. Knowledge of program evaluation models.

Date Posted