Adjunct Faculty - Special Commitment Center

Pierce College
Job Description
  • Teach courses that are grounded in sound developmental theory and teaching methodology Develop curriculum for residents at Special Commitment Center
  • Engage residents in facilitating learning leading to achievement of learning outcomes
  • Analyze complex problems and judge best solution or action to resolve or respond to difficult situations independently
  • Communicate with and assist upset, confused, demanding, or otherwise difficult residents effectively
  • Listen attentively, identify issues, provide options, fulfill services, and/or exercise knowledge of laws and regulations to assist others and/or resolve complaints or conflicts
  • Explain and enforce laws, regulations, and consequences of non-compliance. Report cases of noncompliance, sharing necessary information with appropriate authorities.
  • Draw upon a strong base of disciplinary knowledge, skills, theories, issues, research, and applications to design engaging and effective learning experiences
  • Demonstrate multicultural competence, including awareness and understanding of historically disadvantaged populations, and create an educational environment that affirms commitment to equity and diversity
  • View assessment as formative in teaching and learning, using analytics and evidence to reflect on and improve learning
  • Engage in ongoing professional development as a process of continuous improvement Perform other academic duties as assigned
Minimum Qualifications

Master of Education;


Master of Arts in Teaching and secondary teaching certification in Washington State;


Bachelor's degree with secondary teaching certification in Washington State Successful experience teaching basic skills to students.

Application Deadline
02/09/18 05:00 PM
Date Posted