Instructional Designer III

University of Missouri-Kansas City
Job Description

Growth of online programs is part of UMKC’s strategic plan. UMKC Instructional Design/Technology is the department that is responsible for supporting the growth of online programs at UMKC. Instructional Designers assist the growth of online programs in a number of ways: provision of workshops on eLearning technologies, certification of online instructors and courses to UMKC standards, mentor new online instructors, development and update of 24 x 7 online eLearning resources for faculty and students at UMKC, provide faculty support in the development of online courses and programs. The instructional designer will be part of an instructional design team consisting of two other instructional designers. The University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) invites applications and nominations for the position of Instructional Designer. The University seeks a knowledgeable, highly motivated person with professional experience in providing Instructional Design services and instruction to higher education faculty.
The Instructional Designer position has broad campus responsibilities associated with the development of UMKC certified online courses and programs and is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Provide pedagogical and curricular consultation and course design advice following accepted online design standards such as Quality Matters, Online Learning Consortium and others.
  • Responsible for assisting faculty in the design of online coursework/programs and instructional practices, development of learning resources and re-visioning of courses and course segments to electronic delivery methods.
  • Supports the customized development of online courses unique to the needs of the instructor, the content & assessments and the knowledge and skills of the students.
  • Present methods to help instructors define educational goals, assess student needs and choose appropriate delivery technologies.
  • Develop course and student evaluation and assessment strategies.
  • Provide online design instruction to faculty and staff through consultations, workshops, informational briefings and other activities.
  • Plan, design and conduct workshops, seminars, faculty online teaching certification training and other presentations related to various aspects of educational technology.
  • Assess courses to determine if UMKC specific quality guidelines and desired learning outcomes have been met.
  • Maintain topical information regarding changing trends in teaching and learning with technology and complete research and development of best practices and solutions for instructional design.
  • Design and produce learning materials regarding trends in the use of educational technology in a variety of formats including print, graphic, audio/video and multimedia to support teaching, learning, and university needs.
  • UMKC representation in state and national discussions and initiatives focused on online learning
  • Participate in accreditation activities related to online programs.
  • Other duties as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications

A Bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of education and experience, and at least 3 years of experience from which comparable knowledge and skills can be acquired is necessary.

Preference will be given to candidate who have successfully demonstrated 3-5 years of experience in Instructional Design with faculty at an institution of higher education or within a corporate training office. Successful higher education online teaching or course development experience is a preferred qualification.

Application Deadline
Open until filled. Review of applications begins August 26.
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