Web Developer, Center for Distance Education

Mississippi State University
Job Description

This position is responsible for implementing the ongoing development of division websites: day to day maintenance, navigation and browser capability, quality control. Document web best practices and write maintainable HTML/PHP code with comment tags. Assist in development of new look and feel for web sites, update all content, assist in redevelopment and maintenance of sites over time and advise staff and outside departments on how to best optimize their content for online deployment. Analyze current web sites, track marketing campaigns and interpret results for outside departments within Google Analytics.

1. Designs and develops websites ensuring strong optimization and functionality.
2. Assists in the planning of overall division policy regarding search engine optimization and web development.
3. Works with campus ITS to monitor site technical performance and web server.
4. Works on projects including web layout enhancements, desktop applications, website enhancements, web-based applications, and database-backed websites.
5. Codes web pages utilizing CSS and XHTML and programming languages including JavaScript, SQL and PHP, and combinations of languages (for instance AJAX).
6. Interacts with servers using SSH, FTP, and Telnet protocols.
7. Work in a variety of development frameworks including Ruby on Rails, PEAR, and Smarty.
8. Works with various database systems including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQL Server and frameworks including ADO and ODBC.
9. Analyzes, reviews, and modifies web system by designing, maintaining, documenting, testing, developing, and monitoring
10. Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in a related field

Application Deadline
Open Until Filled
Date Posted