Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)

Desktop and Windows Administrator
Job Description

 Is your idea of a great place to work one that is filled with highly talented people on a spirited mission to serve the higher education community? Are you a happy and motivated person who loves what you do? If so, WICHE is the place for you. We are in search of a Desktop and Windows Administrator who attaches high value to the relationships they build with co- workers, our commission members, and our external vendors.  We have top-notch laptop, network and server equipment and are looking for a solid team member who is motivated to keep our environment and staff humming and productive. 

  1. Interpersonal Communications: You proactively and preferentially seek direct interactions with staff; you avoid conflict by focusing on “moving
    forward”, not blaming; you are an attentive listener and are open to others' ideas; you establish and maintain positive, cooperative, and respectful working relationships with staff, consultants, vendors, and others external to the organization 
  2. Written Communications: You write clearly, professionally, and informatively 
  3. Customer Service: You have excellent customer service skills,responding promptly and courteously to staff requests for service and assistance and proactively soliciting and encouraging feedback to improve service; you gather and analyze information skillfully, often under pressure and always with respect to others’ time 
  4. Quality of Work: You demonstrate accuracy, consistency, attention to detail, and thoroughness 
  5. Organization: You proactively and methodically manage your time,tasks, and priorities 
  6. Initiative/Responsibility/Dependability: You’re a highly motivated self-starter that fully owns and “runs” with your job duties with little
    supervision; you recognize the importance of your role in moving the organization forward; you respond to management direction; you follow through
    on commitments to others, and you are consistent with your work habits and schedule 
  7. Security Mindfulness: You actively embrace and promote data security/privacy concepts 
  8. Technical: You demonstrate mastery of job-related subject matter and eagerly and continuously strive to broaden your knowledge and skills 
  9. Team Orientation: You contribute to building a positive team and organizational spirit 
  10. Ethics: You handle sensitive information professionally and responsibly 
Minimum Qualifications
  1. Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or related field 
  2. 3-5 years experience managing, configuring, and troubleshooting Windows-based laptop equipment, Windows domain accounts, and Microsoft Office
  3. Strong familiarity with Microsoft Windows domain concepts  
  4. Experience with Windows OS image-building tools 
  5. Ability to lift and carry computer equipment weighing up to 40 pounds 
  6. Highly desirable: Experience with or desire to grow skills in Windows Server administration or VMware
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