Questions and Answers from WCETdiscuss list

The WCET member-only email list – wcetdiscuss – connects over 3,600 higher education leaders and practitioners and supports valuable sharing of ideas, practices, and policies broadly related to technology-enhanced learning. Within minutes, members’ questions related to academic, administrative, technology, and policy issues receive valuable input from their colleagues nationally. WCET’s moderated discussion list is an incredible resource. WCET has compiled some of the more active questions and answers topics over the past two to three years into 20 new documents, available below.

Student Authentication:

Products and Services (previously Third-Party Providers):

21st Century Faculty:


Academic Integrity:

Open Educational Resources:

Learning Analytics:

Price and Cost of Distance Education 

Data Protection and Privacy - New!:

*Additional Q&As:

*All available on the Institutional Success landing page.