Professional development is a highly important factor to our success. This is why we are sharing information on Every Learner Everywhere’s upcoming series “Strategies for Success Through Digital Learning.” This program includes access to a community of practice.

Today, we’re joined by Every Learner Everywhere’s Manager of Network Programs and Services, Norma Hollebeke, who discusses the importance of professional development, rwith several opportunities for learning – webcasts, discussion, community of practice, etc.”

Enjoy the read and enjoy your day,

Lindsey Downs, WCET

Effective learning happens when educators responsible for learning come together to share their knowledge, ideas, and inquire into their practices. It is vital for educators (faculty, academic staff, and administrators) to embrace and actively partake in professional learning as part of their continuous improvement. Quality professional learning explores diverse topics, identifies good practices, and encourages educators to continuously improve for the good of their students. Every Learner strives to provide professional learning opportunities that are highly collaborative, engage in problem-solving and deeper learning, as well as professional growth.

Strategies for Success Through Equitable Teaching and Learning is an interactive professional development series for faculty, staff, and other higher education professionals invested in high-quality digital learning. Participants engage in weekly webinars presented by experts. Additionally, participants may also join a community of practice with their peers as an opportunity to enhance the learning experience. The community of practice is an optional activity with limited capacity and requires separate registration. Successful completion of the community of practice results in a digital micro-credential. Today, I wanted to share more information about each session as well as the community of practice.

image with details of the webinar sessions

Session Information

Beyond Inclusion: Teaching for civic engagement and participation

January 27, 2023 10:00am MT

Bryan Dewsbury

In this talk we will explore the ways in which we can reconnect our classroom practice with the values, behaviors and mindsets needed for a socially just society. We will draw on examples from history to make the case for a more explicit pedagogy, with examples from an introductory STEM course, demonstrating how these practices prepare students for all forms of social participation.

An Equity-First Approach to Postsecondary Digital Learning

February 3, 2023 12:00pm MT

Aireale J. Rodgers

As digital learning becomes an increasingly popular modality for teaching and learning, so too has the use of courseware in postsecondary institutions. Approaching the design and implementation of digital courseware from an explicitly equity-minded perspective is vital to supporting historically marginalized students. In this interactive webinar, we introduce the Equity First Framework for Digital Learning, a set of six considerations for courseware designers and instructors seeking to leverage courseware as a tool to support equitable and just student learning. Together, we will discuss tangible ways to apply the framework in your teaching practice.

Learning from Our Students: Student Perspectives on Good Teaching

February 10, 2023 12:00pm MT

Christine Latulippe

Through our actions and characteristics, college instructors have the power to improve students’ experiences in higher education, and who better than students to describe the ways instructors have “got it right” and made a difference in their lives? This presentation highlights key takeaways from the recent Every Learner Everywhere publication “What Our Best College Instructors Do”, including real student stories about good teaching organized around evidence-based teaching practices, and equity principles in higher education. Session participants will consider ways that this collection of student insights might be used to improve teaching, and also consider ways to solicit and utilize feedback from their own students. For anyone who’s ever wondered what students think about teaching and learning, this session will provide ideas to incorporate student voice into the continuous improvement of their craft as teachers.

Designing Online Learning as Intersectional, Entangled Commitments

February 17, 2023 12:00pm MT

 Xeturah Woodley and Mary Rice

This presentation will be an opportunity for participants to engage in conversations about the renewal that emerges alongside intersectional online course design. The presenters will interrogate existing notions of course design that create an unsustainable rivalry between teaching and learning.

By shifting our ways of knowing and being about online course design we are better able to create inclusive environments that simultaneously value the being and doing of learning and teaching.

Community of Practice – Strategies for Success Through Digital Learning

January 27-March 3, 2023

Educators who want to improve their teaching practices and enrich student learning experiences can benefit from working together, sharing practices, and exploring resources. This Community of Practice (CoP) will support instructors and other academic professionals by providing an intentional space for developing and extending the conversations beyond the weekly webinars.

Our goals for this community are:

  • To support educators who want to make their teaching more effective and improve student learning
  • To facilitate conversations that encourage transformation in the classroom that benefit Black, Latinx and Indigenous students, poverty-affected students, and first-generation students
  • To build a body of knowledge for community members to draw on and share with others

In support of these goals, participants will connect and learn in the following ways:

  • Engaging in a series of live sessions with national leaders in digital learning, evidence-based teaching, and equity
  • Connecting in asynchronous, peer-driven discussions supported by facilitators
  • Exploring a collection of curated and shared resources

Registration Information

  • Registration for the full Webinar Series: $100
  • Registration for a Single Webinar: $30
  • Registration for the Community of Practice: $50

Unable to join the webinar series live? Register for access to the recordings.

We encourage you to take advantage of this exclusive professional learning opportunity while seats are still available. Registration is now open.

For More Information, Contact:

Norma Hollebeke

Senior Manager, Network Programs and Services, Every Learner Everywhere


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