Walking Our Talk – WCET’s Mission, Vision, Identity, and Values

The WCET team and leadership collaboratively developed and agreed to the mission, vision, identify statement, and values contained on these pages. We do not take these statements lightly; they represent our passion and dedication to our members and the higher education digital learning community.


WCET is the leader in the practice, policy, & advocacy of digital learning in higher education.


Advancing learner access and success through postsecondary digital learning for a more equitable world.

Identity Statement

WCET advances its mission of advocating for effective policy and practice in digital learning in postsecondary education.

WCET seeks to equip higher education personnel with the policies and practices needed to effectively and efficiently experiment with, develop, and support educational technologies that enhance learning for all students.

WCET serves decision-makers, influencers, and aspiring leaders from member institutions and organizations involved in improving learning and support for higher education students in primarily the United States, although membership is open to organizations from all over the world.

WCET provides members with resources and analysis as well as facilitates avenues for members to communicate with each other and act cooperatively to identify common needs, track emerging policies and practice, evaluate efficacy, and share lessons learned.

WCET does this by emphasizing its competitive advantages of: (1) deep expertise in the analysis of higher education policy as it impacts digital learning; (2) a community of members who actively share lessons learned and promising practices in digital learning; and (3) a knowledgeable, reliable, and responsive staff. WCET excels at making hard concepts understandable for a wide audience.

WCET is sustained by dues from a large and diverse membership, event income, sponsorships, and grants from strategic partners.



Founded as a cooperative, WCET continues to embrace many of those co-op values of voluntary and open membership; member input and involvement; the importance of education and information dissemination; cooperation and collaboration; strength through joint problem solving; and concern for our community.


Because WCET believes that we are stronger together, we are committed to facilitating and developing a community of digital learning leaders and practitioners who can support each other through sharing information, resources, and practices. WCET understands that strong future leaders are critical to the evolution of digital learning and, therefore, is motivated to continually support emerging leaders.


We know that education can change lives and believe that all learners should have access to high-quality digital learning and the tools to be successful in that learning. We are committed to work that expands access to high-quality digital learning opportunities for those students who come from historically underrepresented communities. The entire WCET team is dedicated to organizationally “walking our talk” and embraces the continued development of a diverse membership and staff.


WCET believes that equitable access to high-quality digital learning can change lives. A key part of our work is to promote the development and support of digital learning and digital learners in postsecondary education through collective action. We believe that collectively, our voices for change are stronger.


We are committed to helping our members understand promising educational innovations. We don’t believe in innovation for the sake of innovation, but we do believe that targeted, evidence-based innovations can expand opportunity, access, and success for all postsecondary learners.


We exist as an organization to serve our members and help make high-quality digital learning opportunities accessible for all learners. As such, we will listen to our members and respond to member needs in a timely manner.

Trusted Source

We take pride in being a trusted source for information and analysis for our members and the broader higher education community. As the leader in digital learning policy, our goal is to make hard concepts understandable for a wide audience.


For more information, contact:

Lindsey Downs

Assistant Director, Communications and Community, WCET




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