Microcredentials are units of learning that are less than a full degree. Microcredentials are typically a digital record of a skill or competency. Often microcredentials are certificates of knowledge and/or skills attainment, recognized and validated by the institution and industry. Often, institutions develop microcredential initiatives as a pathway to help learners/earners build towards a degree.

WCET Events

Navigating Obstacles on a Microcredential Journey

16 Jun 2023

In this month’s Closer Conversation, the WCET Steering Committee work group on microcredentials will highlight some of the key findings in the recent WCET + EDUCAUSE quick poll survey about microcredentials. The discussion leader will facilitate a conversation about...

Microcredentials in Higher Education—Strategizing the Journey at Your Institution

12 Oct 2022

There is rapidly growing interest in higher education about microcredentials and badges. The why of adopting a microcredential strategy was explored in a recent WCET Frontiers blog, “Considering Your “Why”- How Developing a Microcredential Strategy Will Help Your Students...