WCET + SAN Benefits

WCET is the leader in the practice, policy, & advocacy of digital learning in higher education, focused on the development and administration of high-quality learning programs at member institutions.

SAN is the leader for guidance and support for navigating state and federal regulatory compliance for interstate digital learning activities by postsecondary institutions.

Together, WCET and SAN connect the people who provide and support high-quality digital learning in postsecondary education.

Our members save time and money and boost their knowledge and skills about digital learning through:

  • Inclusion in exclusive networks of peers and experts,
  • Updates on the latest news,
  • Access to new and exciting tools, and,
  • Member-only professional development opportunities.

Leveraging the WCET network is a cost-effective way of gaining experience and guidance without hiring several full-time employees.

Ultimately, WCET and SAN help the people who help students and postsecondary institutions leverage the power of digital learning. We do this by connecting you with an extensive network of experts and practitioners to help members:

  • Provide high-quality digital learning.
  • Serve students equitably.
  • Utilize technology effectively to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Stay abreast of policy and regulatory updates on state authorization, professional licensure program approval. and notifications, accreditation issues, and cybersecurity.

Who benefits from membership:

  • Provost’s office.
  • Office of technology or innovation.
  • Center for teaching and learning.
  • Office of academic affairs.
  • Office of distance education, digital learning, elearning, or extended studies.
  • Library staff.
  • Office of policy and accreditation, or compliance office.
  • Office of general counsel.
  • Institutional research.
  • Financial aid office.
  • Academic departments.
  • Office of distance education or elearning.
Anyone involved in digital learning at postsecondary institutions or edtech companies.

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Choose which membership is best for you. Select WCET, SAN, or get the best of both memberships:

Top WCET Member Benefits Top SAN Member Benefits Best of Both Memberships
Member-Community and Discussions
Access to the MIX, member-community with over 4,000 members. Gain crowd-sourced information and solutions about digital learning topics, issues, and solutions through wcetDISCUSS and receive important WCET updates via wcetNEWS.

Receive the WCET member rate when joining SAN.

Member-only digital community exclusively for SAN members with nearly 1,400 members discussing topics related to state and federal compliance for out-of-state activities of the institution such as online learning, experiential learning, and programs that lead to a license or certification. Full access to MIX communities, including wcetDISCUSS, wcetNEWS, SAN Discuss, SAN News, and topic-focused interest groups.
Member-Only Resources
  • Member alerts related to digital learning and regulatory updates.
  • Expert analysis and advocacy and policy issues.
  • Member-only events including Virtual Summit.
  • Policy analysis.
  • Closer Look topic overviews.
  • And other timely digital learning updates.
  • Member alerts related to state, federal and reciprocity compliance
  • Statutory and Regulatory analysis.
  • Compliance management strategies.
  • Resource Charts to facilitate compliance research.
  • And Getting Started resources.
Exclusive just-in-time content provided to members to inform best practices for high-quality digital learning and regulatory and policy compliance.
Exclusive Content to Help Keep You Informed. Topic Areas Include:
  • Managing digital learning.
  • Equity and access.
  • Microcredentialing.
  • Alternative assessments.
  • Academic integrity.
  • Accessibility.
  • Online Program Management (OPM) and working with providers.
  • Clarity around definitions of modalities including hyflex and online.
  • Managing state institutional approval for out-of-state activities.
  • Managing state institutional approval through reciprocity.
  • Managing state program approval for programs leading to a license or certification.
  • Federal regulations for state authorization and notifications for programs leading to a license or certification.
  • International compliance.
  • Employment law-related requirements for out-of-state faculty and staff.
  • Website library of resources & charts.
Robust content and guides to help manage and lead digital learning at your institution.

Policy alerts and guidance to help ensure your institution is aware and prepared to manage compliance issues.

Timely topic overview to help your institution understand key issues around digital learning and effective practices.

Exclusive Events and Workshops
  • Discounted registration for the in-person Annual Meeting.
  • Member-only Virtual Summit.
  • Member-only webcasts and Closer Conversations- small, informal discussions on a selected issue.
  • Member-only events including twice monthly virtual meetings addressing timely topics.
  • Periodic webcasts.
  • Collaboration with state regulators.
  • Compliance Training through Basic and Advanced Topics workshops.
Significant savings on events and complimentary professional development opportunities for staff, faculty, and administrators who touch on all digital learning facets and compliance issues.