Member-Only Community Overview

What are WCET Online Communities?MIX logo

MIX is WCET’s online community platform and email discussions where members*  can ask questions of thousands of higher education peers, stay updated on digital learning breaking news, participate in member-only events and experiences, and more. MIX provides members the opportunity to…

  • ask and answer questions to and from peers,
  • stay up to date on digital learning in higher education,
  • participate in the WCET community,
  • review archives on community building opportunities, and,
  • explore options for finding and using the archives of our wcetDISCUSS and wcetNEWS email lists,
  • access member-only resources on timely topics.

*Most MIX communities are reserved for WCET or SAN members. Some communities are reserved for working groups, event attendees, and other invitation-only groups.

See the table below to learn more about each WCET Community, including how to email the community list directly.

Who can participate?

WCET member institutions and organizations may have an unlimited number of administrators and personnel signed up to receive WCET’s valuable news and discussions. We strongly encourage members to take advantage of the news, resources, communications, and sharing that come to you from WCET’s two primary communities – wcetDISCUSS and wcetNEWS.

wcetDISCUSS – a moderated discussion community reserved for WCET members. The community puts you in touch with higher education professionals from institutions and organizations around the world. Have a question about how others address a policy issue, leadership issue, or design solutions to certain educational technology challenges? Ask the community via email or by logging in to the community. This is a quick and easy way to get ideas and input from your peers.

Eligibility – WCET Member.

wcetNEWS – a WCET member-only community and email list used to distribute WCET’s popular Article Digest, job posts from WCET members, announcements, and breaking news of general interest to our members.

Eligibility – WCET Member.

SAN Coordinators – the community and email distribution list for the coordinators of each State Authorization Network membership to share the agendas for monthly SAN coordinator calls and other SAN membership management information.

Eligibility – SAN Member, SAN Coordinators.

SAN DISCUSS – is a State Authorization Network members-only community and email list used to facilitate moderated discussions about timely topics in order to share compliance management questions and experiences among the SAN membership community.

Eligibility – SAN Member.

WCET Consortia & System Leaders – this community is targeted at connecting professionals leading or coordinating multi-institution digital learning activities and services. Participants can share announcements, seek how others addressed challenges, and promote collaborative solutions.

Eligibility – Invite Only.


WCET Executive Council Community – for members of the WCET Executive Council.

Eligibility – current Executive Council Member.


WCET Steering Committee Community – for members of the WCET Steering Committee.

Eligibility – current Steering Committee Member.

Generative AI in Higher Education – Led by leading experts on AI use in education, the group will host moderated question and answers, discussions, breaking news, and more.

Eligibility – Open to all in higher ed.


Using WCET Member Communities

Anyone involved in a member organization is eligible to join the WCET Communities and email lists. Click the subscribe button below to sign up to participate in the WCET Communities. For information about SAN member communities and emails, contact lfletcher@wiche.edu.

Please review the WCET Community Etiquette and Use page for information on participating in MIX and submitting posts.

For more information, contact:

Lindsey Downs

Assistant Director, Communications and Community, WCET




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