WCET Virtual Summit

WCET hosts an annual Summit in the spring, exclusively for our members. Each Summit is designed to bring together educational leaders and practitioners from forward-thinking institutions and organizations that are actively pursuing answers to the big questions in higher education.

Previous WCET Summits

Elements of Practice + Policy of AI in Education

22 Feb 2024

  This Summit is designed to provide valuable and actionable insights into the latest trends, best practices, and cutting-edge technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and generative text...

Elements of Evolving Business Models of Higher Education

09 Mar 2023

WCET’s Virtual Summits are a deep dive into digital learning topics impacting postsecondary education. The 2023 Virtual Summit on March 9 will cover an array of topics affecting the...

Practical Considerations for an Uncertain Future

06 Apr 2021

The WCET Summit miniseries was held in two parts on April 6 and May 4, 2021: April 6 – The EdTech Gambit. What have we learned from edtech adoption and implementation over...

The 2020 View of Federal Regulations and the Potential Impact on Higher Education Practice

20 Apr 2020

WCET + University of Maryland Global Campus Summit The 2020 Virtual Summit asynchronously brought together policy-makers, accreditors, institutional leaders, and attorneys to help articulate policy implications for recently released...

Workforce Partnerships that Work: Creating Public-Private Partnerships that Serve Students, Institutions, Employers, and Communities

04 Jun 2019

More than ever, students seek to invest in programs that prepare them to obtain employment in their field of study upon graduation. Meanwhile, government and corporate leaders also increase...

Ensuring Ethical and Equitable Access in Digital Learning

05 Jun 2018

WCET’s 7th Leadership Summit facilitated a discourse on three important goals that institutions of all sizes and sectors should embrace: Equity as a demonstrated priority for the institutions’ students,...

Essential Institutional Capacities to Lead Innovation

14 Jun 2017

WCET’s 6th Leadership Summit engaged institutional leaders in a strategic discussion of how to best align and support an institution’s human capital, technology investments, and content strategy to sustain...

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