Online learning has been used to describe the range of virtual courses from emergency teaching via webcam to intentionally designed online courses. Emergency remote learning was and is a stopgap solution for serving learners during a crisis, such as a natural disaster or global pandemic. Conversely, high-quality online learning is carefully designed, planned, and delivered. According to Optimizing High-Quality Digital Learning Experiences: A Playbook for Faculty, “…high-quality digital learning experiences are well-organized and thoughtfully designed. These experiences rely on instructional design principles and strategies to align learning outcomes with learning assignments, activities, and assessment practices. 

High-quality online learning is incredibly powerful and effective, and learners of all backgrounds should expect a learning environment that helps them reach their goals.  

WCET has led a number of important efforts to clarify, inform, and educate on promising practices for high-quality digital learning. 

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A WCET Closer Conversation: Ensuring Quality in Digital Learning

17 Sep 2021

Ensuring high-quality teaching and learning is top of mind for all of us in higher education. The transition to post-pandemic higher education from emergency course delivery affords the opportunity to rethink and revision how we determine, define, and articulate...

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