the US capital building in Washington DC at night. The grounds are covered in snow.

WCET’s Policy Work

WCET is the leader in postsecondary digital learning policy work. WCET tracks emerging laws and regulations regarding digital learning in postsecondary education. Once enacted, WCET interprets the requirements in understandable language and shares compliance strategies.

WCET’s Commitment to Protecting Students

Students deserve the opportunity to make informed choices and to avoid institutional actions that are not in their best interests. WCET is committed to protecting students by supporting institutional personnel in understanding how to meet regulatory expectations and in exploring good practices to better serve student needs.

What’s New: Regular and Substantive Interaction

The new federal definition of “distance education” became effective July 1, 2021. Many questions about the interpretations of the language and how to assure proper interactions remain. WCET continues its historical commitment to help faculty and administrators understand the interaction requirements.

Policy Topics