Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI is artificial intelligence that can create new content such as text, visual images, code, audio, or video because its neural networks have been trained on a gigantic amount of data. Outputs might include digital art, essays, short answers, blog posts, computer code, press releases, and other types of novel content. One form of generative AI, large language models, has especially received attention with the release of ChatGPT. Using the chat interface, users can make a seemingly endless array of queries of GPT 3.5 that result in often stunning responses. The relative ease in getting the program to create everything from poems to short answers to complete essays has led many faculty and administrators to worry about the academic integrity of coursework. Others are urging faculty to rethink assessment practices and find ways to integrate generative artificial intelligence, especially ChatGPT, into coursework.

WCET created a member-only AI toolkit in December 2023. If you are a current member, contact us to receive access. If you are not a member, join us.

WCET has recently launched a new community on Generative AI. The community is currently open to the public, but may become member-only in the future.

WCET Events

AI Ethics, Governance, Policy, and Practice in Higher Education: A Strategic Webcast for Leaders and Practitioners

04 Apr 2024

AI presents unprecedented opportunities to enhance teaching, learning, and administrative functions within academic institutions, from personalized learning platforms to chatbots and predictive analytics for student success.

A Deep Dive into WCET’s AI Practices and Policies Toolkit for Higher Education

19 Jan 2024

Join WCET members and the authors of the WCET AI Practices and Policies Toolkit for a Closer Conversation about this new resource and the rapidly evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education.

Elements of Practice + Policy of AI in Education

22 Feb 2024

  This Summit is designed to provide valuable and actionable insights into the latest trends, best practices, and cutting-edge technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and generative text in higher education for WCET members. The Summit will be...

Tools and Strategies for Infusing Academic Integrity in a World of Artificial Intelligence

05 Oct 2023

Hosted in partnership with Honorlock. This webcast provided insights on creating a culture of academic integrity in the fast-changing world of AI. As higher education leaders and administrators, you understand the importance of maintaining academic integrity. Panelists delved deep...

Supporting Instruction and Learning Through Artificial Intelligence

20 Jun 2023

Generative AI landed on our campuses like a comet. We saw it on the horizon but didn’t anticipate its immediacy or impact. How have teaching and learning practices changed, and which shifts will result in long-term learning transformation? How...

Artificial Intelligence Is Here, Now What?

24 Feb 2023

In this month’s Closer Conversation, we will come together to share and learn about the role that generative AI like ChatGPT might play in the classroom. There has been a great deal of conversation about Artificial Intelligence and how...

Artificial Intelligence and Higher Education: Where Are We Going and How Are We Getting There?

15 Feb 2023

In November, OpenAI released ChatGPT, a chat interface for its GPT 3.5 large language model artificial intelligence. Using the chat interface, users can make a seemingly endless array of queries of GPT 3.5 that result in often stunning responses....