Annual Summit for Women in eLearning

Recognizing the role of women leaders in digital learning, WCET is pleased to present ASWE in conjunction with the WCET Annual Meeting. As a community, we connect, learn, and support others in the field of digital learning—

  • As we lead.
  • As we learn.
  • As we lean.
  • As we live.

About ASWE

ASWE is the Annual Summit for Women in eLearning, formerly known as IFWE (International Forum for Women in E-Learning).

ASWE rotates between an open house gathering and reception in even years and the Summit in odd years, both in conjunction with WCET’s in-person Annual Meeting. ASWE: Evolve will be held October 26-28, 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The ASWE program includes inspiring presenters, collaborative sessions, opportunities for networking, and the infamous Pajamarama. It is designed to tap into resources that include mentorships, digital learning programs and products, and an opportunity to share ideas and learn from experts in the profession about relevant topics. In addition, attendees gain a better understanding of how to be a successful leader, up-and-coming leader, or support person in digital and online learning.

ASWE is a time for attendees to listen, think, talk, network, reflect, dream, and learn. Whether you are from K-12, higher education, corporate, military, government, or telehealth, ASWE welcomes you!

ASWE: Evolve Program

The preliminary program for ASWE: Evolve is now available. Learn more about the meeting, sessions, and activities.

ASWE Executive Committee

Darcy W. Hardy

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, North America, Anthology


Rhonda D. Blackburn

Senior Director of Academic Services and Client Success, Strut Learning


Janet Major

Associate Director for Innovation & Digital Health, Arizona Telemedicine Program & Southwest Telehealth Resource Center



ASWE would not be possible without sponsor support. You are invited to help us produce this amazing opportunity to network, share best practices, and create mentoring opportunities with the women who are driven by the possibilities provided by digital learning.

If you are interested in sponsoring ASWE, please see our sponsorship page or contact Megan Raymond for more information.

Note About ASWE Being Held in Louisiana

When WCET selected New Orleans, LA for our 2023 Annual Meeting and ASWE Summit, Louisiana was not included on the list of states that California does not allow travel to. We have a significant number of members in California and certainly don’t want to exclude them from being able to attend our conference. We also have a significant number of members in Louisiana and want to be able to support the 31 members located there.

By agreeing to host our meeting in New Orleans, we are not condoning restrictive policies against any population. In fact, we typically do not send requests for proposals for states with anti-transgender or restrictive reproductive rights and have not held a WCET Annual Meeting in one of those states in the past. The list of banned travel states from California does weigh into our decision making, and we understand that other states are considering retaliatory legislation as well. We strive to be member-focused, and every venue and every state has pros and cons that are thoroughly considered.

We know that many of our community members may not be able to attend the 2023 Annual Meeting in New Orleans. We do hope that our 2024 event, which will be held in Long Beach, California, provides the opportunity for all who are interested to attend.

Upcoming ASWE Events

ASWE: Evolve

26 Oct 2023

Save the date for ASWE 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana. ASWE provides attendees with a wonderful opportunity to establish new relationships and contacts, find a mentor or become a...

ASWE 2025 Summit

15 Oct 2025

For more information, contact:

Kim Nawrocki

Assistant Director, Events and Programs, WCET