WCET Membership Dues

WCET dues cover a 12-month period and membership becomes effective on the approval date of the application. All of your organization’s employees (and students for institutions) can benefit from one WCET membership.

WCET also offers membership at the Supporting Member level for those institutions, organizations, and corporations that wish to make an additional investment and support WCET’s mission to advance the effective use of technology for teaching and learning. Supporting membership emphasizes an institution or organization’s commitment to WCET. As a thank you, WCET will provide Supporting Members with additional recognition, invitations to exclusive events, and opportunities to contribute to WCET communications or publications.

Beginning January 1, 2023, WCET will be changing some membership dues. View the 2023 Membership Dues.

Colleges and Universities Standard Member Supporting Member
Public, private, non-profit institution, less than 5,000 student FTE $1,650 $5,000
Public, private, non-profit institution, 5,000 or more student FTE $3,600 $5,000
Proprietary, for-profit institution $5,400 $10,000


Higher Education Offices and Other Nonprofit Organizations Standard Member Supporting Member
State or system higher education office $1,650 $5,000
System or consortia office $1,650 $5,000
Non-profit organization $1,650 $5,000


Corporations Standard Member Supporting Member
Corporations with 10 or fewer employees $1,025 $10,000
Corporations with 11 – 74 employees $2,500 $10,000
Corporations with 75 or more employees $5,400 $10,000


NOTE: This page refers to WCET membership. If you are looking for WCET’s State Authorization Network (SAN), follow this link to the SAN website or contact Cheryl Dowd.