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WCET Members are looking for applicants to the following positions:

Louisiana State University in Shreveport

The Instructional Designer is responsible for guiding faculty in the design, development, and teaching of online courses via workshops, one-on-one sessions, training videos/documents, and other technology-driven formats as well as contributes to the university in the following ways:

Louisiana State University in Shreveport

This temporary position is an opportunity to work remotely in the Online Learning Department at Louisiana State University in Shreveport (LSUS). The main responsibility is to convert all course materials in Moodle to ensure they are accessible to all students and are compliant with the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Virginia Tech

University Relations is seeking an Interaction Designer to join our multidisciplinary team to craft digital experiences for our various audiences, from prospective and current students to alumni and industry partners. Projects run the gamut from websites and editorial stories to mobile applications and email marketing.

Washington State University

Washington State University, Academic Outreach and Innovation, is seeking a full-time Instructional Designer to participate as a member of our Learning Innovations team.  Responsibilities include providing support to faculty in designing and building instructional experiences that positively influence teaching and learning for online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses, and training and supporting faculty in the effective and efficient use of instructional technology.

California State University Northridge

Under direct supervision of the Director of Distance Learning, the Assistant Director of Distance Learning: Instructional Design ensures that assigned CSUN full online programs are designed with focus on student achievement using the most innovative and appropriate educational technologies, applied instructional strategies, and instructional design attuned to the educational level and purpose of the specific course/program.

The University of Connecticut

Under the supervision and direction of the Assistant Director of OECP for Enrichment/Enrollment, the Program Assistant manages the registration of students enrolled in UConn Early College Experience (ECE), including coordinating scheduling of courses with the UConn Registrar’s Office, and interfacing with all high school site representatives, high school instructors, and high school principals to ensure registration processes are effective and efficient, and registration policies and pr

Sinclair Community College

The Instructional Designer is dedicated to helping faculty design, develop and deliver online, CBE, and hybrid courses of the highest possible quality while minimizing the time faculty spend on issues that are peripheral to instruction.

Pierce College
  • Teach courses that are grounded in sound developmental theory and teaching methodology Develop curriculum for residents at Special Commitment Center
  • Engage residents in facilitating learning leading to achievement of learning outcomes
  • Analyze complex problems and judge best solution or action to resolve or respond to difficult situations independently
  • Communicate with and assist upset, confused, demanding, or othe
Pierce College

The successful candidate will join an Early Childhood Education program that provides comprehensive education to allow students to develop the skills need to support the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development of children from birth to grade 3.

Pierce College

The Digital Design pro gram trains students in the high-tech world of graphic design and dynamic media production ranging from eye-catching magazine layouts to innovative print advertisements, from understated corporate imagery to attention-grabbing websites complete with animation and sound.

Baker College

​The Program Director of Business provides leadership and management of all aspects of an academic program by providing discipline-specific expertise, supervising staff and faculty members, addressing students’ needs, and maintaining a required teaching load.​

Arizona State University
  • Collaboratively plan, design, develop and revise for-credit online courses and course materials to meet University and department standards.
  • Recommend effective and creative uses of technologies to enhance instruction and create new learning environments.
  • Identify and communicate contextual best practices for applying teaching and learning theories to curriculum design.