Welcome NUTN Members!

On August 31, 2018 the National University Technology Network (NUTN) was incorporated into WCET – the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies.

Welcome to WCET, from Mike Abbiatti, WCET’s Executive Director

WCET is honored to welcome current NUTN members to carry on their dedication to student success by accepting our invitation to become valued members of the WCET family.

NUTN has served as a pioneer in the evolution of higher education and the realm of technology-enhanced education. NUTN members have showcased outstanding expertise, passion, and professionalism that will integrate well into the unique WCET organization and will allow us to continue the vision that led to the creation and success of NUTN.

Joining WCET brings a wonderful opportunity for all of us to continue focusing on student success through continuous efforts in the areas of practice, policy, and advocacy for technology-enhanced learning in higher education. Welcome to the WCET family!

     - Mike Abbiatti, Executive Director, WCET

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