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We are excited you have made the decision to apply to WCET. The application form won't take long but the benefits for your institution/organization will last the entire year. If you have any questions about the form or membership, contact Sherri Artz Gilbert at 303-541-0209. We look forward to having your voice in the WCET community.

Payment is expected within 30 days of your approved application.

Please enter the first and last name of the official representative from your institution/organization.

WCET Membership is based on your organizational status and FTE. Please choose the appropriate level for your institution/organization from the choices on this page. Refer to the membership dues on the WCET Join page.

***NOTE for educational institutions: You must provide evidence of third-party authorization.*** For U.S. institutions, please provide the name of your regional or national institutional accrediting agency. For non-U.S. institutions, describe the governmental or third-party organization that authorizes the institution.
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