Managing Online Education Survey

The Managing Online Education series of surveys obtains data on the instructional, operational, and technology infrastructure of online operations in higher education. The Managing Online Education surveys are now conducted as a partnership of WCETeCampusAlbertaBCcampus, and Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium. Through two to three short, focused surveys per year, we seek to learn about trends in how we conduct the business of offering education at a distance throughout the U.S. and Canada.

2013 Survey

The Managing Online Education survey obtains data on the instructional, operational, and technology infrastructure of online programs in higher education.

WCET in partnership with BCcampus, Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium, and eCampusAlberta announce the release of the 2013 Managing Online Education Survey Results focused on the practices that promote quality in online education.


2011 Survey

Although we did not produce full results from the 2011 version of the survey, some results may be found at:


2010 Survey

The Campus Computing Project and WCET partnered again in 2010 to survey colleges and universities throughout the United States. The Managing Online Education survey focuses on issues and trends in how institutions are managing and administering online programs. 2010 survey results:


2009 Survey


In 2009, the Campus Computing Project and WCET partnered to develop and conduct the first “Managing Online Education” survey. Results from the survey show that “Enrollments are up and rising, profits are often uncertain, and organizational arrangements are in transition. Additionally, the survey data suggest that students enrolled in online programs may pay higher fees than their on‐campus counterparts, that many campuses have mandatory training for their faculty before sending them ‘into the web’ to teach online courses, and that quality still looms as a large question for online education.” The 2009 Managing Online Survey results were first presented at the WCET Annual Conference in October 2009. Below are links to the materials and presentations:


If you have questions about the survey, contact Russ Poulin at WCET.


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