State Authorization Network (SAN)

SAN empowers members to successfully resolve educational technology regulatory challenges to improve student protections in digital learning across state lines.

SAN logo: State Authorization Network, a division of WCET.

How do we do this?

SAN sponsors analysis and training, provides best practices and timely updates, and shares resources to SAN members who serve students in other states or countries. SAN members actively communicate and collaborate to identify common needs, track emerging policies and regulations, and share lessons learned.

SAN’s Areas of Emphasis

SAN’s work focuses on compliance with state and federal regulations, reciprocal agreements, and requirements that exceed reciprocal agreements. SAN also addresses other higher education issues that relate to compliance requirements as they arise, such as professional licensure program approval and notifications, accreditation issues, and cybersecurity.

Through SAN, members are better equipped to manage compliance requirements in these areas.

Visit the SAN Website

Benefits Summary:

  • SAN website library of resources including member-only content.
  • Member-only digital community for timely updates and member discussions.
  • Monthly themed Q & A sessions.
  • Basics and Advanced Topics Workshops.
  • Professional Development – webcasts, monthly calls, face-to-face meetings.
  • Access to experts.
  • A network of peers from across the country working on the same issues.
  • Responsive SAN staff members.
  • Annual recognition for outstanding efforts by SAN Members – SANsational Awards.

Join SAN!

Join SAN today to take advantage of the SAN membership benefits listed above.

Memberships may be held by individual institutions, partnerships, systems, consortia, or organizations.

  • At least one institution/organization within a membership must be a WCET member.
  • Memberships must designate a single point of contact for the invoice; management of the division of the payment will be the responsibility of the institutions involved.
  • Coordinators are responsible for sharing information with the other institutions/organizations within their membership.
  • Coordinators are responsible for sharing the SAN website login with institution contacts.

Membership Fees

Member Type Number of Coordinators Cost
Higher Ed Offices, State Portal Entities, Companies & Organizations* (office only) 1 Coordinator $3,000
1 Institution 2 Coordinators $4,000
2-15 Institutions 2 Coordinators $6,000
16+ Institutions 3 Coordinators $8,000

*Higher Ed Offices and State Portal Entities, Companies, and Organizations may choose from the larger memberships if they wish to include institutions.

SAN year runs July 1 – June 30 of each year.

How to Join

The deadline for new member application submission is June 1 of each year, with payment due by July 1.

Beyond the Deadline? Contact us about the possibility of a partial year membership.

For more information, contact:

Cheryl Dowd

Senior Director, State Authorization Network & WCET Policy Innovations


LinkedIn Profile

Leigha Fletcher

Administrative Assistant, State Authorization Network


Kathryn Kerensky

Director, Digital Learning Policy & Compliance, State Authorization Network


Jana Walser-Smith

Director, Interstate Compliance and SAN Member Outreach, State Authorization Network