A Student Response to Analytics, Privacy, and Security

  • Date : February 21, 2019 12:00 PM
  • Meeting Type : Webcast

In 2019, an essential handbook was released by two leading experts in data analytics, titled An Analytics Handbook: Moving from Evidence to Impact.

This handbook introduces the reader to the field of analytics and its use in leveraging “big data” in higher education. The editors, Linda Baer and Colleen Carmean, gathered what is known from a variety of experts, ideas, and models. The handbook addresses key topics utilizing the expertise of those in the field.

One of the chapters, “A Student Response to Analytics, Privacy, and Security,” shares the valuable but seldom heard perspective of the student. WCET has brought together Linda, Colleen, and Emma Tilson, a student at Salt Lake Community College who has extensive higher education experience and knowledge. The three joined for a conversation around data analytics in higher ed and shared both expert and student thoughts on:

  • Transparency in the collection and use of data.
  • Ethical collection and use of that data.
  • The security of information collected.
  • What students want you to consider when collecting and utilizing their data.


Linda Baer

Senior Consultant, Linda L. Baer Consultants

Colleen Carmean

Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Innovation, University of Washington, Tacoma

Emma Tilson

Student, Salt Lake Community College and Administrative Coordinator, WICHE


Rob Robinson

Senior Principal Partner Strategy Consultant, Civitas Learning