Essential Institutional Capacities to Lead Innovation

  • Date : June 14, 2017 8:00 AM - June 15, 2017 12:00 PM
  • Location : Salt Lake City, UT
  • Meeting Type : Summit

WCET’s 6th Leadership Summit engaged institutional leaders in a strategic discussion of how to best align and support an institution’s human capital, technology investments, and content strategy to sustain innovation in teaching and learning. Consider these job titles – chief learning officer, design engineer, data scientist, content strategist, user experience analyst, assessment director, and student data privacy director. These professional roles that support technology-enhanced teaching and learning were relatively uncommon just three years ago. Today, however, these positions are vital in the delivery of CBE, personalized learning, virtual reality, and other approaches to improve student learning outcomes.

WCET’s highly rated Leadership Summits provide a balance of expert presentations coupled with facilitated conversations among a broadly representative audience of higher education practitioners and senior-level administrators. There is no one path to building and sustaining institutional capacities for innovation.

The Summit program addressed these questions and more:

  • Many tools today have learning analytics functionality. How are academic departments, faculty, advisors, and curriculum designers leveraging analytics and learning outcomes data? What are some effective models?
  • How can institutional leaders better align core support functions and investments that will enable faculty, student services, and advising personnel to make a difference with student retention and completion?
  • How can an institutional content strategy impact affordability, learning outcomes, student satisfaction, time to completion, and student retention within existing resource constraints?

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