Issues and Trends in Edtech in 2017

  • Date : January 19, 2017 11:00 AM
  • Meeting Type : Webcast

In 2016 adaptive courses and content grew as a strategy for increasing student success and completion, while MOOCs still held a footing as delivery model for some, the term became less common in the higher ed lexicon.  IoT and innovation hubs became integral places for cross disciplinary collaboration at Universities across the U.S.

What edtech trends and issues will impact WCET members in 2017? Will the higher education reauthorization act finally get passed? What are the implications for the growth of competency-based education and the development of adaptive and personalized learning programs? Will demand for learning engineers grow? How will innovation in teaching continue regardless of technology? Will the promise of virtual and augmented reality move from the trough of disillusionment to the slope of enlightenment?

Join WCET’s visionaries and leaders for a discussion of what edtech trends and issues are on the horizon.  What should you be thinking about as you kick-off the 2017 academic year? What emerging issues are you seeing at your institution? Share them, and ask your questions during the open virtual conversation portion of the webcast. Follow the Twitter feed at #WCETwebcast.

This webcast is provided free and open to all.

8:00 AM HAST / 9:00 AM AKST / 10:00 AM PST/ 11:00 AM MST/ Noon CST/ 1:00 PM EST

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Amy Collier

Associate Provost for Digital Learning, Middlebury College

Luke Dowden

WCET Executive Council, Chief Online Learning Officer, Alamo Colleges District

Phil Hill

Founder, Phil Hill & Associates


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Manoj Kulkarni

Chief Executive Officer, RealizeIt


Megan Raymond

Senior Director, Membership and Programs, WCET


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