Ensuring Ethical and Equitable Access in Digital Learning

Newport Beach, CA

About the Leadership Summit

WCET’s 7th Leadership Summit will facilitate a discourse on three important goals that institutions of all sizes and sectors should embrace:

  1. Equity as a demonstrated priority for the institutions’ students, faculty, and staff.
  2. Accessibility as the lens through which the institution examines its resources, policies, services, and infrastructure.
  3. Data and evidence-based decision making for student success and ethical questions underlying analytics engines and edtech products.

The Summit will retain the unique qualities of previous summits by creating a venue for thoughtful conversation, learning of exemplar successes and disappointing failures, and honest and open dialogue among college and university academic, business, and technology leaders.

WCET encourages colleges and universities to consider how issues of equity, accessibility, digital learning tools and teaching practices, and data-driven decisions are stand-alone priorities or woven into today’s contemporary fabric of how all these critical issues all contribute to student success. Consider having a team, e.g. key administrators responsible for accessibility, data analytics that guide student success strategies, and academic and student services leaders who are working to support your institution’s, your state’s, your organization’s equity and inclusion goals. 

WCET is Excited to Announce Speakers for 7th Leadership SummitWCET Summit logo

WCET wishes to thank all the exceptional speakers who will be part of the Summit program. Each speaker brings a set of experiences and values relative to equity, accessibility, and ethical use of data analytics. Their expertise and passion for student success will contribute to a Summit discussion that promises to be very thoughtful, informative, and inspiring. Make plans to be part of this important conversation.

The Summit will include panels on these topics and more:

  • Inclusion in Higher Education: Beyond a Promise to Action.
  • Institutional Exemplars: Digital Learning Implementation Strategies to Improve Student Success.
  • Ethical and Effective Uses of Student Data (by the Institution, the Faculty, and the Students).
  • Moving Towards a Campus Climate of Universal Access for All
  • Building a Campus Culture for Inclusion: What Does This Look Like, Who Has a Role, How Do We Know When We Know We Have Achieved Inclusion?
  • Thinking Beyond the Institution: Other “Actors” to Advance Ethnical and Equitable Access to Education and Opportunity (a Spontaneous “Design Thinking” Discussion).
  • Freshman Class of 2022. What Will Your Institution Do to Best Serve These Students? How Do Your Faculty Utilize All of the Digital Learning Resources that May Improve Student Engagement and Learning?

Summit Logistics

The Summit will begin at 7:30 am on Tuesday, June 5 and conclude by 12:30 pm on Wednesday, June 6. Registration includes deluxe breakfast on June 5 & 6, lunch on June 5 & box lunch on June 6, and June 5 reception sponsored by Wiley Education Services.

For more information, contact Megan Raymond, assistant director for programs and sponsorship or Mollie McGill, director for programs and membership.