Technology-Enabled Alternative Assessment: What It Looks Like and How to Bring It to Your Institution

  • Date : April 14, 2021 12:00 PM
  • Meeting Type : Webcast

Hosted in partnership with the Advanced Learning Technologies Lab.

As a follow up to the March 23 WCET webcast, Alternative Assessments in Digital Learning in Higher Education: Global Perspectives, WCET and University of Toronto’s Advanced Learning Technologies Lab brought back Professor Steve Joordens who demonstrated how peerScholar manages alternative assessment across a range of pedagogical contexts, including group work.

Attendees left the session with:

  • a very clear sense of what alternative assessment looks like,
  • how it plays out for the student,
  • how it lives up to its pedagogical promise,
  • and how easily it can be integrated into your institution to optimize the future success of your students.

Live captioning was provided by our sponsor, VITAC.


Steve Joordens

Professor of Psychology, and Director, Advanced Learning Technologies Lab, University of Toronto Scarborough

Dwayne Paré

CEO, Cogneeto, Inc. and Associate Director of Pedagogical Development, Advanced Learning Technologies Lab, University of Toronto Scarborough


Megan Raymond

Senior Director, Membership and Programs, WCET


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