The 60 Year Degree: Learning without Boundaries

  • Date : January 21, 2021 12:00 PM
  • Meeting Type : Webcast

This webcast was hosted in partnership with BibliU.

The boundaries of learning and earning are intersecting in increasingly complex ways. The “traditional” approach – prescriptive pathways of degree attainment, followed by a long career – can no longer be the norm in a dynamic and rapidly changing social and economic landscape. Many of the jobs degree-seeking students will have do not even exist – and the current model too often locks out the students who stand to gain the most from higher education’s democratic promise. How do we in higher education support learners on a journey where knowledge and skill attainment take place over an entire lifetime? How can we be more adaptable as institutions to provide just-in-time opportunities and more accessible resources for learners over the course of their lives?

Our experts discussed the shifting demands of learners and employers and the challenges and opportunities ahead for institutions. Points of discussion included:

  • The case for shaking up the model of degree attainment-employment-retirement.
  • How an extended lifetime will impact careers.
  • Emerging models, including Stanford Open Loop University.
  • The ROI of lifelong learners as students to the institution and employers.

Captioning was provided by our sponsor, VITAC.


Paul Marca

Principal, Parallax Global Advisors

Dave Sherwood

Co-Founder and CEO, BibliU

Michelle Weise

Author and Senior Advisor, Imaginable Futures


Dale P. Johnson

WCET Executive Council, Director of Digital Innovation, Arizona State University

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