State Authorization: Methods for Tracking the Free Range Distance Ed. Student

State authorization is a recipe of equal parts. Part 1: understanding state regulations. Part 2: understanding your institution’s out-of-state footprint. One without the other is a map with no legend. The ability to know the location of your students and track when they move is not an easy task. We've been told that tagging their ears with implantable tracking devices is an unacceptable practice. In this webinar, we will explore why knowing your institution’s footprint is important, how to get a handle on it, best practices on the initial ‘mapping’ of your institution and maintenance tools for a well-kept institutional footprint map.


Russ PoulinRuss Poulin
Director, Policy and Analysis,



Lanna DueckLanna Dueck
Associate Dean/Institutional Integrity,
Rio Salado College



Brianna BatesBrianna Bates
Assistant Director, Academic Program Review,
Office of the Provost,
New York University