Google Hangout: Conversation about Connected Credentials

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Through the work of ACE's Alternative Credit Project, Lumina and the Connected Credentials project, as well as other national conversations, the prevalence, value, and diversity of credentials has emerged as a key topic in higher education and the workforce. Credentials span a vast array of programs, degrees, and sectors, but a unifying vision and understanding about what makes credentials valuable, how that value varies across different types of credentials for different stakeholders, what constitutes quality, and how credentials are connected to each other and to opportunities for the people who have earned them is just now emerging.  Recently, Dr. Deborah Everhart, Strategic Advisor with the American Council on Education, lead the development of two white papers on the topic of credentials and how they can provide value to students, institutions, and employers. The papers, Quality Dimensions for Connected Credentials and Communicating the Value of Competencies, were published at the end of February.

Check out the archive of this WCET Google Hangout to learn more about the project, outcomes, and ongoing efforts to move the connected credentials conversation from a national dialogue to pragmatic approaches, including WCET's Leadership Summit, 21st Century Credentials: Learners + Institutions + Workforce, that benefit students and employers. You can also view the tweet stream via Storify


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