Strategic Portfolio Development: Maximizing Course Offerings While Lowering Costs

Strategic Portfolio DevelopmentTM (SPD) is a forward-thinking program planning approach that helps institutions position themselves to more efficiently operate in today’s market while preparing for tomorrow’s. It identifies the most strategic and scalable market-centric digital program anchors, concentrations and certificates to create a series of “suites” that build off of each other, interconnecting current and future content and program areas.

Wiley Education Services logoThe modular nature of this approach provides schools the ability to attract a larger section of the market to their digital offerings, maximize their use of resources, quickly increase their number of market interesting programs offered, and ultimately grow a more robust and long-lasting digital presence.

How SPD Works:

SPD involves analyzing trends in the market and understanding where the educational gaps and opportunities exist, not just to identify students, but also to help students prepare for jobs. By doing this, institutions can build efficient, flexible, and relevant online curriculums.

SPD helps institutions:

  • Maximize the courses they offer.
  • Quickly address changes in the market, without having to redesign an entire program.
  • Bridge outcomes with workforce expectations.
  • Identify employment needs/gaps to offer programs that will provide students with strong employment opportunities after graduation.
  • Make program planning and development more efficient.
  • Increase enrollments as students often prefer programs that allow them to focus on a specific, market relevant, specialization.

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Myk GarnMyk Garn
Assistant Vice Chancellor for New Learning Models,
Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia



David CapranosDavid Capranos
Market Strategy and Research Manager,
Wiley Education Services



Jourdan HathawayJourdan Hathaway
Senior Director of Marketing Program Management,
Wiley Education Services



Steven J. SzydlowskSteven J. Szydlowski
Wiley Faculty Fellow
Associate Professor, Health Administration,
Scranton University