Strategies and Tools for Finding, Adopting, and Managing OER

Over the last 15 years, unprecedented creation and increased availability of Open Educational Resources has created an opportunity to dramatically increase its use, but significant challenges remain. Instructors are looking to discover and deploy OER content into their courses, but content is scattered across numerous repositories, usually discoverable only through inefficient key word search. According to a 2014 Babson Survey, "The time and effort required to find, evaluate, and adopt these materials is the critical factor for faculty.” *

" "Colleges, systems, and states have continued to make large investments to promote the increased use of OER, but many of the approaches are neither sustainable nor scalable. This webcast discusses the current efforts of Intellus Learning working with seven campuses to optimize how we enable faculty to find, evaluate, and adopt OER.

Intellus has worked with some of the largest providers of online learning to build a core set of capabilities and intellectual property (IP) in the area of content repositories, discovery, curation, taxonomies, application software, and integration into existing learning technologies. The goal of Intellus and with their campus partners is to  put these powerful capabilities in the hands of faculty in a seamless, self service model.

*Opening the Curriculum, Open Educational Resources in U.S. Higher Education, 2014 I. Elaine Allen & Jeff Seaman, Babson Survey Research Group (Based on survey responses from over 2,100 national higher education teaching faculty)

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"Strategies and Tools for Finding, Adopting, and Managing OER" is a 60 minute free webcast. The webcast took place via GoToWebinar.



Matthew CooperMatthew Cooper
Associate Provost at the Center for Learning and Technology,
Thomas Edison State University



Natalie MurrayNatalie Murray
Vice President of Learning Design and Product,
Intellus Learning



Mark TriestMark Triest
President of Intellus Learning




Tanya SpilovoyTanya Spilovoy
Distance Education and State Authorization
North Dakota University System