WCET Jobs – Instructions for Submitting

The ability to submit open job posts is a benefit of WCET membership. See below to learn how to submit job posts.

Job posts are highlighted on the Jobs Posted by Members webpage and shared weekly with the wcetNEWS member community and email list.

If you are not currently signed up to receive our community emails, visit our subscription page to subscribe to wcetNEWS (and our other communities).

Job Post Requirements

  • Job posts must be received by WCET before 4:00 PM MT on Thursdays in order to be included in the WCET Weekly Wrap Up email, which is sent on Fridays through the wcetNEWS community and email list.
  • Institutions are limited to posting no more than five positions each week, and each unique position can only be posted once unless there is a change to the position, such as an extended deadline.
  • Job posts will also be added to the Jobs Posted by Members webpage, where they will be available to view for up to three weeks.
  • Job posts will continue to be available on the Job Post Archive page; job posts will not be deleted. This page can serve as a reference point when institutions/organizations are writing new positions and want to refer to the job summaries or minimum qualifications of similar positions offered elsewhere (not currently available).


To submit your job post, email the post to Rosa Calabrese using the format below. If you do not send the post in the format below, we will request that you resubmit, and having to do so may mean that your position does not meet the required deadline.

Please format your job post to include only the following categories:

  • Job title and institution/organization.
  • Job location.
  • Job summary.
  • Minimum qualifications.
  • Application deadline (if applicable).
  • Link to web page with job details and application forms.

WCET reserves the right to withhold postings that seem irrelevant to our mission and membership.

WCET reserves the right to make minimal edits to keep each job posting short and concise.