WCET Video Interview: Anne Derryberry

Published by: Ashley Woods | 11/6/2013

Tags: Credentials, MOOC

Over the past two years, we at WCET have had the pleasure of working with Anne Derryberry on several game and badge related initiatives.


In late summer 2012 we commenced WCET’s Who’s Got Class? which was designed and game-mastered by Anne.  This multi-player learning game was designed to give WCET members and friends a fun, light-hearted way to explore the emerging, evolving world of Badges and Games for Learning.

During the Fall of 2013, Anne served as one of the designer and instructors on our collaborative MOOC – Badges: New Currency for Professional Credentials in partnership with Blackboard, Mozilla, and Sage Road Solutions.  While the live sessions have ended, this newly formed learning community continues forward.  We encourage you to sign-up, log-in and access the amazing repository of resources developed through the MOOC.

In this first WCET Video Interview, Anne shares with us how she became interested in the emerging areas of games for learning and badges as well as a look into the projects and predictions for the future.  Thank you Anne for all the time and talent you have contributed to your cooperative, WCET.

Photo of Cali MorrisonCali Morrison

Communications Manager, WCET




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