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Context Matters: Survey Results of Institutional Digital Learning Definitions

To advance WCET’s work on digital learning modalities, a survey was conducted in summer 2023 to gather insights on institutional definitions, policies, and their impact on students. We also conducted follow-up interviews with participating institutions to delve deeper into their policies and practices.

The survey examined terms such as online learning, hybrid learning, hyflex learning, and blended learning, analyzing agreement with key aspects, policy variations, and students’ perspectives. We aimed to understand the more practical aspects of the use of these terms, including the need for novel terms and institutional decision-making processes. Ultimately, individual institutional and student needs influence the definition of these modalities.

WCET AI Policy Center

The WCET AI Policy Center is a database of AI policies from institutions across the nation which we are constantly updating.

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2023 Annual Impact Report – Every Learner Everywhere

It’s been a year of big changes for the Every Learner Everywhere network. We had changes in leadership, changes in network partnerships, and we launched a student internship program. Despite being a year of transition, 2023 saw the network’s impact grow, increasing our engagement with institutions and the number of countries in which those institutions are located. We also measure our annual impact through the services we provide institutions, our thought leadership in the field, and engagements with students.

In this report, read about the network’s impact in the areas of services, thought leadership, and student engagement. In addition, we recap our 2023 network convening, introduce our new Equity First Organization partners, feature some of our student interns, and give readers a preview of what’s ahead for the network in 2024.

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