Get Involved with Your Cooperative

All administrators, staff, and faculty are a part of WCET’s institution/organization-wide memberships and can participate in all WCET member benefits!

This list showcases the many ways that you and others from your institution/organization can get involved with WCET.

Not sure if you’re a member? Check our list of current members to look for your institution/organization. If you can’t find your institution/organization on that list, find out information on how to join.

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"WCET’s community of edtech leaders and practitioners is my first resource when seeking expertise, sharing practices, and collaborating across institutions. Their community is vibrant, committed and engaged. Their expertise spans critical regulations, advocacy, learning and teaching, credentialing and emerging models of education. When you attend one of their events, you leave as part of a community with new connections to support students in online and edtech-leveraged learning environments. You are not one in a crowd when you are part of WCET – you are part of the community, and you are among friends."

– Alexandera (Sasha) Thackaberry, PhD, Vice Provost, Digital and Continuing Education, Louisiana State University

Ways to Get Involved

  • Attend and participate in annual face-to-face meetings.
  • Engage with content experts at WCET webcasts.
  • Participate in exchanges and share resources via the members-only WCETDiscuss email list.
  • Stay up-to-date on higher ed and edtech news with the members-only WCETNews email list.
  • Interested in volunteering for the 2020 Annual Meeting? Contact us for more information. Volunteer roles include proposal reviewers, community leaders, mentors, and more.
  • Learn about innovative teaching and learning, higher ed best practices, policy updates, and more on WCET’s Frontiers Blog.
  • Guest author a WCET Frontiers Blog.
  • Get involved with our initiatives.
  • Submit a nomination to the WCET Outstanding Work (WOW) Awards.
  • Inquire about our research projects.
  • Apply for a seat on the WCET Steering Committee.

Plus, discover the topics that we study by visiting our Focus Areas page.

Annual Face-to-Face Events

WCET face-to-face events are open to members and non-members alike, but members receive a substantially discounted registration rate.

Annual Meeting

Every fall, we convene at the WCET Annual Meeting in a variety of locations across the U.S. The meeting brings together professionals in higher ed and edtech to discuss major topics facing institutions and organizations today. We cap our meetings at 450 attendees in order to maintain an intimate space for developing ideas.

Leadership Summit

Each summer, WCET hosts an annual Leadership Summit. These events are focused around a designated topic, which change each year depending on major issues facing edtech. Past summit topics included adaptive learning, 21st century credentials, and innovation in teaching and learning. Summits are capped at 150 attendees. Visit our Leadership Summit page to find out more about the topics and styles of our summits.


Webcasts are free and open to everyone, but members are given priority registration. We host webcasts on the third Thursday of January, February, March, April, May, August, September, and November, as well as a few additional dates throughout the year. Our webcasts focus on hot topics in the industry, and our presenters are experts in their fields. Check out our webcast archives as well as our upcoming webcast list.

Members-Only Email Lists

WCET has two members-only email lists, which allow members to have special access to important conversations and announcements within our field. Both lists exist on WCET's new wcetMIX platform. Learn more about wcetMIX.

Fill out our Subscription Form if you would like to receive emails from one or both of these email lists. Send any discussion messages that you would like to pose to the WCET community to


WCETDiscuss is a moderated discussion that puts you in touch with higher ed professionals from institutions and organizations across the U.S. and Canada. Have a question about how others address a policy issue or design solutions to certain edtech problem? This list is a quick and easy way to get ideas and input from your peers.


WCETNews is used to distribute WCET’s popular Article Digest, job postings from WCET members, announcements and breaking news of general interest to our members, and more. These items are delivered straight to your inbox a few times a week.

Learn About Edtech on the WCET Frontiers Blog

Check out what your peers are saying about their experiences in edtech on topics ranging from accreditation and degree-completion to regulation and instructional design on WCET’s Frontiers Blog. New blogs are posted once or twice a week. Sign up for the Frontiers RSS feed to get the latest blogs right to your inbox.

Contribute to the WCET Frontiers Blog

WCET’s Frontiers Blog is always looking for new writers to tell firsthand experiences and lessons learned about edtech. Contact us at if you have something interesting that you would like to write about and share with the WCET community, or if you would like to find out more.

Get Involved with Our Initiatives

WCET currently has three self-sustaining initiatives focused on policy, access, and student success. They each allow additional involvement from the WCET community to different degrees.

Every Learner Everywhere

WCET serves as the Backbone Organization for Every Learner Everywhere. Every Learner is currently funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and is comprised of thirteen members leveraging a network-centric approach to strengthen digital learning in post-secondary institutions with a particular focus on improved outcomes for vulnerable populations. We’ll keep you informed through future WCET updates. We expect future opportunities for WCET members to be involved in this exciting work!

State Authorization Network (SAN)

WCET SAN is a membership organization open to individual institutions, partnerships, consortiums, systems and organizations. SAN’s mission is to navigate regulatory requirements for out-of-state post-secondary activities by working collaboratively.  SAN provides access to experts, networking among members, well timed resource development, reciprocity advice, advocacy, discussions, training webcasts and workshops, face-to-face meetings, and monthly calls for member coordinators.

Z-Initiative (Zero Cost)

The WCET Z Initiative connects institution-level Open Educational Resources (OER) champions, legislators, state systems of higher education, educational technologists, and national OER leaders. The Z Initiative is focused on research, practices, and policies promoting the adoption, implementation, scalability, and sustainability of open educational resources, Z Courses, and Z Degrees.

WCET Outstanding Work (WOW) Awards

Every year, the WOW Awards recognize institutions and organizations that are designing innovative and unique projects to enhance student success. We receive submissions every spring and we announce the winners every fall during our annual meeting. Afterwards, winners often contribute materials to the WCET community in the form of blog posts, research materials, videos, and more as lessons learned and recommendations for other institutions. Up to five institutions/organizations are awarded the WOW award each year.

Submit a Nomination to the WOW Awards

Is there a project being developed at your institution/organization that is an innovative model to improve student success? If so, submit a nomination to get that work recognized!

Inquire About Our Research Opportunities

WCET conducts research and analysis projects based upon member needs and in partnership with other organizations. See our current and past research projects and learn how to get involved.

Apply for a Seat on the WCET Steering Committee

WCET relies on the advice, experience, and guidance of its Steering Committee. Our Steering Committee is made up of higher ed leaders that are representative of our membership. Open positions on our Steering Committee are announced via the WCETnews email list, and individuals at WCET member institutions/organizations are all welcome to apply. Once on the committee, our members serve three-year terms. Keep your eyes out for our next announcement of an open seat.


If you have any questions about any of the opportunities on this list of ways to get involved, please contact us at