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See below to learn more about WCET email lists, including how to subscribe, how to submit to the lists, and how to submit to the WCET Job Posts.

- FAQs and Guidelines about using the members-only email lists
- Guidelines for Corporate Members

Who can participate?

WCET member institutions and organizations may have an unlimited number of administrators and personnel signed up to receive WCET's valuable news and discussions. Members are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the news, resources, communications and sharing that come to you from WCET's two primary email lists.

What lists are available?

WCETNews is a moderated list used to distribute WCET's popular Article Digest, job posting from WCET members, announcements and breaking news of general interest to our members.

WCETDiscuss is a moderated discussion list reserved for WCET members. The list puts you in touch with higher education professionals from institutions and organizations in the U.S. and Canada. Have a question about how others address a policy issue or design solutions to certain educational technology challenges? This list is a quick and easy way to get ideas and input from your peers.

Subscribe to WCET email lists.

Anyone at a member organization is eligible to subscribe to WCET email lists. To sign up to receive emails from wcetnews and/or wcetdiscuss, please fill in our subscribe webform.

Send a message to WCET email lists.

Send your comments and questions about a particular issue to WCETDiscuss. Use a descriptive subject line so that other WCET members can easily respond.

Send news about your upcoming events to WCETNews.

Post a job to WCET Job Posts.

Send job postings to Rosa Calabrese and they will be sent with others we receive (approximately once a week) and will be posted on our Member Job Listing page. Posts must be received by Friday at 10AM Mountain time in order to be included in that week's distribution. Job posts are sent to members each Friday through the WCETnews email list, and added to the job post page on the WCET website where they will be available for approximately two weeks. Once added to the website, job posts continue to be available indefinitely on our job post archive page, which serves as a reference point when institutions/organizations are writing new positions and want to refer to the job summaries or minimum qualifications of similar positions offered elsewhere.

Institutions are limited to posting no more than five positions each week, and each unique position can only be posted once unless there is a change to the position such as an extended deadline.
Please format your job posting to include only the following five categories:

  • Job Title and Institution/Organization Location
  • Job Summary
  • Minimum Qualifications
  • Application Deadline (if applicable)
  • Link to web page with job details and application forms

WCET reserves the right to withhold postings that seem irrelevant to our mission and membership.
WCET reserves the right to make minimal edits to keep each job posting short and concise.

Review email list archives.

The archives are a great way to review past discussions on a range of topics, such as online orientation policies, adjunct faculty policies, proctoring policies, summer schedules for e-learning, and a whole lot more. Messages sent to the discuss list are automatically archived for your review at a later time via the web interface. You can access the archives at:

For assistance, contact Sherri Artz Gilbert, 303-541-0209.